6 January 2015

Just another 24 hours

That's all there is until the start of the Tat It And See.

Meanwhile over the past week or two I've been making more Starry Button Bracelets and matching earrings. They're all in my Etsy shop right now.

Well, that's not strictly true as one bracelet is already on it's way to America - the beautiful blue one. So, if you look and say 'HOW much' then please remember the bracelets take an evening and a half to make and use a LOT of beads and six buttons. They really, really sparkle too.

I've added adjustable findings to them so they fit from a 6" - 7" wrist. Just thought I'd let you know they're there.

Oh, forgot to mention too that ALL the beads are included in the tatting and NOT sewn on afterwards. I never sew on after as I'm always afraid the beads will come off.


Maureen said...

The blue beads are very sparkly - lovely. I can't make up my mind which colour to use for the TIAS - will have to just close my eyes and pull out a random ball!

Pigmini said...

Miss did say varieds would work.... I shall have to raid my stash Maureen!! Can't wait!!!! Wonder what it will be??? Any hints Miss????

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The blue is my favorite!

Phyllis said...

The blue is beautiful (I like blue anyways). Lovely work.

God's Kid said...

Wonderful bracelets and earrings!!! :)

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