9 February 2015


I have two things I enjoy in life - one is my crafts (mainly tatting, of course) and the other is teaching elderly people computer skills.

I teach on Wednesday mornings and nearly all day on Thursday. In the morning on a Thursday the sessions are in Alcester which is a few miles away from where I live. So ten days ago one of the library staff came into the silver surfer sessions and put a poster on the table advertising their new 'Crafternoon' which was starting on the 6th. 

Well, you know who was tempted, don't you? Yes, me. What a wonderful atmosphere in that room. Betty arrived who also attends silver surfers and she had us in stitches. Not the knitting, sewing or tatting ones but the 'can't stop laughing' ones. 

The library staff had kindly baked cakes - YUMMY and provided tea and coffee. It was a wonderful afternoon meeting new (and YOUNG) people who do a variety of crafts. I'll be back next week with a garment a friend gave me which I'm trying to felt as there's a smashing lass there who does that. I'll be picking her brain!!!

Maybe I'll pick up a few tatters along the way but mainly I just loved being with people who 'make'.


  1. I'm booked in to a "Learn to Love Your i-pad" class at the library this week - shall think of you!

  2. I spy with my little eye.... something beginning with C....
    Chocolate cake next to tatting shuttles!!!! Rofl
    Think I'll come along one week!! VBG

  3. I can feel your exhilaration, Jane ! And some new crafts to share online :-) Looking forward .....

  4. great fun! Much like my Needle Nerds group here in the states!

  5. Sounds like fun! Always great to gather with creative minds


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