4 March 2015

A wee rabbit

Well I know Maureen reads my blog most days so I'm hoping this attracts her attention!!! 

This little guy has joined the exclusive club and was made by Darla and given to me (yes, yes, yes, I own the real guy) when they (Katte was with her) visited me during their  trip to my neck of the woods.

This is her own pattern which I'm hoping one day to make myself and add to the guest designer section of the web site. Isn't he just tooooo cute?

You will have to excuse the pictures as this little guy is so tiny and it was very difficult to get pictures of him. You'll have to take my word for it - he's megga cute. See the little pink tips to his ears and his fluffy white tail? Just adore him.


Pigmini said...

Ooh... I do hope the pattern goes on the designer section.... he's soooo gorgeous!!!

Maureen said...

Any rabbit grabs my attention! - he's very cute, isn't he? White, with a pink tail please, when you make him, and I will show him to my rabbit-mad granddaughter.She started University this week, but it hasn't diminished her determination to Fight for Rabbit Rights in Queensland!

JB said...

So adorable.

Celtic Katte said...

With every hand delivery you get a free tour of Jane's home town and tea with her. Trust me it's SO worth it. We had a blast!

StringyDogs said...

So clever! Wasn't there a rabbit in Alice in Wonderland? Ouu. I see a whole trend here!

Tally Tatty said...

Hi Jane, this rabbit IS mega cool, so is your crocodile and your new wall paper!!

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