2 March 2015

Another branch

Over the past week or so I've been working with a Norwegian tatter called Merete Høidal.

She originally asked me if I'd give permission for her to translate the beginner pages of the web site into Norwegian. Naturally I said 'yes'.  After a little thought (perhaps up to five seconds!) I asked if she would like me to set up a Norwegian branch on the pattern site to host the files. So, this is what we've been doing. 

It's been a real pleasure to work with her and now I present you with the Norwegian section of the Beginners section of the pattern pages.

Long may international relationships like this last.  


  1. What a good idea. You'll have to see what other languages you can come up with.

  2. Now the question is.... can we all 'learn' tatting multilingually?? Rofl

  3. This is wonderful! I have met so many people outside the US through tatting. It amazes me when I try to list the countries of the participants of various classes.
    You are a wonderful ambassador.

  4. Sounds so fun, and to unite so many tatters You are a Super Tatter!

  5. Awesome.
    Jane Eborall's Tatting in several languages - how does that sound. ROFL
    I wonder how many languages your lessons could be published in based on the nationalities of your visitors here on your website. :-)


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Happy Beaks
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