11 May 2015

A green day!

Well the shuttles all sold within hours as usual.   The bonus at the moment for me is that the Post Office is now open on Sundays.  This means that I can take them down there and avoid the Monday queues!!!  There are only a few tourists milling around in there on Sundays so it's really quiet.  The sort of 'downside' is that once in the actual Post Office and paid for the packages just lounge about until Monday before getting underway. 

I was surprised not to have sold one bag yesterday or Saturday - or, for that matter during the past week or so!!!  I am now wondering if it's the fabric I'm using or ??????   Anyway, to cheer myself up I've added two more of the longer bags to the shop.  More to come soon unless I lose the will to live/sew!!!!

At the moment I'm in a 'not particularly' creative mood so I'm just doing things I like. Not sure what I will be doing with the odds and ends I'm making, though!!  The earrings are the usual starry button ones.


Pigmini said...

I LOVES that fabric!!!! Lots of kitties hiding in grass... just like my 3!! Might just have to 'treat' me!!! VBG

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Cute fabric! I'm glad I managed to get online in time to purchase that spalted beech shuttle that I had my eye on!

Tatfully Yours said...

Pretty green earrings!!

Pigmini said...

I got one of those a while ago too! I do love the grain in spalted beech!! Have lace bobbins too!!

God's Kid said...

Beautiful colors on that bag!!! :)
Beautiful earrings!!! :)

Emilie L. said...

The earrings are inspiring ! <3 Very beautiful work.

Imoshen said...

I went to your shop to see if there was another of that green one available.. there wasn't. :(
I just have to keep checking. Those are some lovely earrings.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Imoshen, that was the only one in that fabric. I managed to make two and have kept one for myself (the small version as I prefer that size).

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