13 May 2015


Isn't this the most amazing pin cushion? OK, probably you don't see why this is so clever and I must admit that when I bought it I didn't realise it's full potential.

I bought it from one of the ladies at Crafternoon two weeks ago. I needed a pincushion by my chair as the old one had somehow found it's way into the conservatory and my sewing area!!!

So, when I got it home I decided to gather the needles and pins that I need when tatting and put them in the pincushion - as you do. Well the penny dropped (or dollar or euro or whatever!). Each segment would hold a different type of pin or needle. Now isn't that clever? 

Do you want one? Nope, I'm not about to start making them as they're easily found in this Etsy shop. 

The shop (Bumblebeedown) has just been set up by two of the Crafternoon lasses who are working very, very hard to raise money for this very worthwhile cause.  There are lots of things in the shop to tempt you (and me too!).  Please take a look.


Pigmini said...

That's gorgeous... as are their bags!!! See what you mean about tempting... must resist till after the hols!!! VBG

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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