15 July 2015

Pattern is ready

So the bookmark addiction continues!!! I do go through phases of addiction and have never understood why!!!!  Hang on - I think I do know.  I am forever trying to improve on whatever I'm designing.  At the moment it's using the different colour combinations and I think this one's my favourite.  OR can I find a better one?

I've got the pattern finally put together and you can find it here.

Meantime - do I carry on with the Jan doily or shall I start another bookmark? Decisions, decisions. Not easy for an OG who's WELL past her 'sell by' date!!!


Pigmini said...

Sell by date??? You mean OG's come with Sell by dates??? Noooo!!! OG's are like Sunflowers.... Each stage more glorious than the last (to quote from Calendar Girls!!) VBG

Love the bookmark too!! Maybe orange and chocolate?? or raspberry and cream, or.... (anything to keep you away from the Jan doily till I catch up) LOL

Unknown said...

Lol OG, I love it! Jane, you're my favorite tatting OF and you DO NOT have a "sell by" date. I love the book mark and your color combo. I'm always trying out new color ways. Trying to think outside the box.

Sewicked said...

Autumn colored variegated and dark green? Some bright color (like yellow or bright blue or bright red) and black?

Sally Kerson said...

Just love this pattern, will bring shuttles loaded when I see you on Friday ready to make another one - or will there be time?!

Madtatter80 said...

This is nice of you once again, thank You :) Have you ever counted up how many patterns you have made? Maybe we can't count that high.

Jane Eborall said...

I did try to count a few years ago but got distracted!!!! No idea how many but hope to add more in due course!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Great ideas, Sewicked. I'll be looking at my stash again!!!

Jane Eborall said...

We'll make time, Sally!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pattern! I can hardly wait to get started. Hmmm....with your thread stash, it might be fun to close your eyes and grab two random balls of thread. :-)

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