1 July 2015

Sewn and sorted!!

Well, just the one!!!

With all this heat and the loft project still ongoing I've not had time to get to the sewing machine. Yesterday I called a halt to the loft and decided to sew down the pieces of fabric. Well, I got one done before I dissolved in a puddle of water. Old git water!!! Not a pleasant sight.

Still I'll tackle the other one another day as today I'm going to be out during the middle of the day. Where does time go?


Pigmini said...

I can sympathise with OG water!!! I was the same in my school coat yesterday afternoon! Coming on well though!!!

Maureen said...

It disappears while you're trying to catch it - always just out of reach. More of it, that is.

Anonymous said...

The bag looks fantastic so far! I guess since we have a more-or-less 'permanent' heat wave here in the USA South, I am very grateful for air conditioning! As long as it is working properly, we don't dissolve into puddles of water, and our hands stay 'dry' so we can tat during the heat of the day. :-)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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