12 September 2015

Anybody want to ride a carousel?

Before I start today I've got some news to pass on.  I had a message a few days ago from Teri Dusenbury's daughter telling me she's not well.  She's set up a new Facebook page for people to leave messages which she'll turn into postcards to give to her mum.  If you feel you'd like to leave a message then here's the link to the new page.  If you don't use Facebook then either email me or leave a comment here which I'll pass on.

Now I've GOT to show you this wonderful idea that Melanie Vliet (who lives in Southern California) has been working on for months and months.

She's used several designs and made this carousel with them. It's being entered in a fair so I hope she does really well with it. What a splendid idea.


Madtatter80 said...

Tell Teri I hope she is feeling better soon and all of her wonderful designs have uplifted us. I don't have Facebook
I do hope your friend wins that is a really good idea and I see some of your patterns in there. The metal cage thing works great and we have stores here where we can get them(pottery Barn) I don't know if you do but it is fun to think of making one for ourselves :) My list of things I want to do is so long :)

StringyDogs said...

Thank you for the connection to Teri's FB page. I hope she recovers. I will leave a note there.
The carousel is lovely - and very creative!

Bernice said...

Love the carosel and idea of tatted animals. I wish Teri D a hasty recovery. I had only recently seen her lovely work.

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