28 September 2015

Yet once more!

This time I've worked the Starry Button Bracelet with beige and gold beads. Well, mainly!!! It's another present so again I'm nervous that the recipient may not like it. 

Another poor picture again but if only the darn sun would shine life would be better. Just grey days with plenty of rain!!  That's been summer in England this year and it's lovely to be in Canada and away from the gloom.


  1. How could anyone not like it? It's beautiful!

  2. That is a fabulous bracelet!!! :)

  3. I think that they're total ****** if they don't!!! Anyway, you can always bring it back for Li'l Ole Me!!! Rofl

    Hope you're having a great time out there!!

  4. I just have seen one of your bracelets in person and can testify that a photograph does not do them justice. I recognized it as one of yours from across the room. It was spectacular.

    1. Thanks Bernice. I'm addicted to making them!


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Happy Beaks
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