3 October 2015

Playing with a motif!!

Afraid this is going to be a boring post. Well, most of mine are probably pretty boring but tat's life, eh?

This is a celtic motif that I've had floating around in cyberspace for ages and ages. 

A bit of history here. I first saw what I know as Celtic Tatting in Rosemarie Peel's books. She (as far as I know) invented true celtic tatting. 

By that I mean - making two elements, interweaving them and then 'anchoring' those two elements with a third round. She is a quiet and lovely genius. Sadly Tat Land has lost her to bobbin lace at the moment but hopefully she'll return.


muskaan said...

Love it !!!

Maureen said...

Our friend Fox is another who has been resisting the siren call of tatting recently - she's been lured away by needlelace!I hope they will both return to thready monogamy, and in the meanwhile yours is a very nice motif indeed.

Frivole said...

Very nice motif Jane, I like it. :-)

God's Kid said...

Great motif!! :)

StringyDogs said...

I have a confession: I usually don't like Celtic tatting. It often looks too heavy. But, I like yours. It is balanced and nice!

Jane Eborall said...

Thank you StringyDogs.

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Happy Beaks
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