15 October 2015

Changing the subject!

I've got lots of 'goodies' to show you from my trip and presents too.

First of all an apron.  Ginny gave me this - don't you LOVE the flying pigs?!?!? She also gave me extra fabric that she had left over too.

Now I don't cook!!! Nick told me twenty plus years ago when I moved in with him that 'women can't cook'!!!  Right, I'd been doing it for years and years but it was a chore and as he loved cooking I 'allowed' him to take over the kitchen!!!! So, what has this got to do with an apron?  Bet you thought I'd not wear it cause I don't cook!!

Well, you're very, very wrong.  I wear it all the time in the house.  Why?  Well it's the most USEFUL item I have ever found for carrying 'stuff' around.  I'm always putting things down (shuttles, thread, iPad, phone, apples, etc, etc) and losing them in the house.  NO MORE.  I put them in the pockets of the apron so they NEVER GET LOST. 

Personally I think this is one of the most useful tatting items I've ever owned and I'll be making another from the remaining fabric for when this one has to go in the wash.  Thank you, Ginny.  I've suggested that she may make more so it's up to all of us to 'nag' her after Christmas to make aprons for tatting.


Jane McLellan said...

Great fabric! I made myself an apron but forget to wear it for cooking, let alone anything else. I see your logic though, I could be converted.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Cute apron! I've been looking at patterns for the Japanese style cross-over aprons. Unfortunately, I haven't found one that seems just right to me. Instead, I just keep finding fabric for aprons. I wonder where she found those flying pigs?

Maureen said...

Ginny made me a cat apron when she came to stay - I love it!

Deana MacKenzie said...

Forget after Christmas, Jane, I'm going to start now for Christmas....lol

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