30 January 2016

Geraldine's Angel

A VERY big apology to Geraldine. I asked if I could blog this ages ago but then forgot it was in my drafts - another 'tidy up' of my blog led me to find it. 

This is what she told me about this lovely angel of hers.
"This year in November Charnwood tatters are putting Angels on our Christmas tree in the parish church festival. I decided that I would do this Angel as one of mine. Very fiddly but so, so beautiful. Tried to stuff the head with cotton wool to keep the shape, but that did not work. But this is not a bad effort as not done baubles for a long time."


God's Kid said...

Wonderful angel!! :)

JB said...

Pretty angel.

lej619 said...

Very nice angel!! what pattern did she use??

Jane Eborall said...

I'll ask her for you lej619.

Pigmini said...

Tell her we all need to 'see' the pattern Jane!!

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Happy Beaks
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