6 May 2016

Sew time goes on

Having finished the owls I decided that I really rather enjoyed 'straining the brain' to make them and that foundation piecing needn't be QUITE as complicated as they were. So I searched the good old internet and found a lovely log cabin pattern here.

I needed something relatively easy to plod along with and really wanted to use the fabric I've got in a creative way. Do other people 'suffer' like I do with having lovely fabric/threads/beads/wool to play with but then thinking that each new project 'needs' a new purchase? 

Anyway, I resisted the urge to re-stock with more fabric (fortunately our house is small and we're limited on storage space) and started off making the first few coasters. That's what I wanted to make - coasters or mug rugs or whatever you want to call them.

After I'd done the three below I decided that 12 was a good number to make so that meant I could cut out 9 more, sew them and by then I would be bored. Well, we'll see how things work out!!!

Meantime I'm tatting away on another new motif AND a square Fandango mat. Life ain't boring!!!


Pigmini said...

I'd not call them coasters Miss... They most definitely are coffee rugs!!! LOL Just think... if you made them oblong you could wrap them around the mug as well, make them into coffee shawls!! 2 together maybe?? And a tatty button for in the handle?? (wanders off muttering to self about things to be made....)

Jane McLellan said...

Glorious! Yes, I'm also trying to use materials I have on hand instead of buying in. I do need to buy buttons for my cardigan though.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Doesn't everyone buy more materials despite having a tremendous stash on hand? I thought I was just supposed to look at and admire all my supplies if I didn't use them right away! ;-)

Jane Eborall said...

Silly moo

Madtatter80 said...

Love the fabrics used and you apply them well :)

Miranda said...

Well you see, the doily really needed to be tatted in this shade of blue from my stash, but it would look so much better with one round in an accent color, so I just had to buy that new ball of thread to go with it. Then I wanted to use the new thread for a pair of earrings, but I didn't have quite the right beads for it (mind you, I had beads that would work, they just weren't as perfect as those other ones I saw in the store last week). And the new beads come in packs of 25, so now I need to see what other colors of thread can go with them.

That's how it goes for me. I actually do use things from my stash all the time, but the stash still keeps growing. Multiply that thought process by as many crafts as you do, and there's bound to be a problem.

God's Kid said...

Those look wonderful already!! :)

Batty Tatter said...

Those are beautiful

tattrldy said...

Call them what you will they are splendid!

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