29 June 2016

A new tatter

You can live in a town all your life like I have and in all that time I've probably only taught around a dozen people to tat. 

Of those - none kept it up. That's 60+ years of tatting myself and even when I learned my school friends didn't want to learn as well. They all watched me and realised that wherever I was I'd always have a shuttle with me but still they didn't want to learn. It was a hobby that I could afford out of my pocket money!!!

Since January we've had a little craft group meeting at Lifeways - we originally   got together to make the bunting for the street party but enjoyed our chatting, coffee drinking etc so continued.  I've now got two people learning to tat which is amazing. I NEVER offer to teach anybody - I have to be 'persuaded'.  I work on the theory that if they really, really want to learn then they'll keep asking and I'll then 'give in' and teach them.

This is Beryl who came for the first time yesterday and who is picking it up pretty darn quickly.  She's also a Silver Surfer student and that's how we met and how she learned about our wonderful little craft group.


Maureen said...

Two wonderful things in this post: firstly, being able to live in one place for your entire life, and secondly that you are able to pass on a skill or two to other people. Do the Silver Surfer classes include learning to love your smart phone??

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, we tackle anything - smart phones are only small computers nowadays with just a few 'other things' added!! The volunteers learn as much (if not more!) than the students and we get to meet all sorts of people too. Love my little 'job'.

Jane McLellan said...

People often make 'excuses' for not wanting to tat and I say, hey, just because I tat doesn't mean I expect anyone else to!! Good luck to Beryl.

Pigmini said...

Tell Beryl that we're all rooting for her success1 VBG If in our lifetime we all teach just one person to tat then the craft will never be forgotten!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Great job, Beryl! I would have loved to live in the same town, or even the same state all my life. My girls all chose to move away, but they had the opportunity to stay in one place all their lives. As to the tatting, only one has actually tried, but one has said she might be interested. I think I could handle 2 out of 4. Thank goodness I had all those students at school who wanted to learn!

Madtatter80 said...

I guess this doesn't means she tats when she can't catch a wave :)

God's Kid said...

Awesome!!! So glad to hear there are more tatters!! :)

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