2 July 2016

A Fandango heart?

Now the blame for this lies firmly on Joanie!!! Bless her cotton socks. 

She sent me a picture of part of the Fandango 'series' of patterns (see below) saying that she and her husband thought this looked just like a heart. Here's what she sent me and YES she's right.

I didn't dream that when I started the first Fandango idea that one small part of a pattern would lead to so many other things. This is quite an adventure and it continues.  Watch this space.  No, THIS space and not the space between my two ears where BC3 lurks!!!


Maureen said...

Fortuitous Flock of Fandangos........I got in before you with that one, Fox!!

God's Kid said...

That's cool!! I bet 2 would make a great pair of earrings!! :)

briddie said...

Add a few picots on the sides and you could join two together for a basket, and add a chocolate kiss.

Madtatter80 said...

I like briddie idea, and it is interesting how things start and snowball into other things :)

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