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25 June 2016

Just a t-shirt

Don't you just LOVE a bargain? I do. I found this t-shirt in a charity shop a few weeks ago when Sally was staying with me. She's SO good for me as she really knows how to 'shop'.  I'm pretty hopeless at shopping as I dither and dither!!!

This was a good example of my dithering.  I liked the t-shirt but it was boring. REALLY boring so left it there on it's hangar in the charity shop!!!

Roll on two weeks later and I'm back in the same shop (dithering as usual) when I spotted the t-shirt still hanging there. Well as it was NWT I thought I might be able to take it home!!! Four pounds later and it was mine - still boring but mine!!!

I'm teaching the little flowers at Tat Days in September. They are not hard but there are several techniques involved. I simply love making them so they were the answer to the boring problem - I think.  Now I have a 'not so boring' t-shirt which I've fallen in love with!!!!


  1. What a transformation!! - but what is NWT? I love the colour, if I had seen it on the hanger I don't think I would have left it there.

    1. New with tags, Maureen!!! Brand new from the shop. Just my sort of deal although if I like something I'll buy it!!!!

  2. Well, I quite like your t without any embellishment, but the flowers certainly do brighten it up!

  3. Fantastic idea. I love the lines down the front of the t-shirt. What you've added really boosts its appeal. Love the arrangement of flowers. The v-shape is perfect.

  4. WOW, what a fashion statement. A one of a kind, original, Designer T. Well done.

  5. You really changed it with such a small bit of tatting! Looks fantastic- I'm inspired!

  6. A lovely way to dress it up!


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