20 June 2016

Look who's arrived!!

Now we've had mice of many colours but I'm not sure we've had a yellow one before!!!

Now residing in the Exclusive Tatting Club is IsDihara's cute little mouse. I'm not going to tell you what she says as it'll spoil today's surprise. So, if you want to know you'll just have to pay him a visit here!!!!
More pictures arrived of Nibbles later in the day (actually overnight on Saturday) so I've added them.  If that cat were 'real' then I don't think Nibbles would survive!!!!


Maureen said...

Nibbles would blend in very well with a plate of cheddar - but clearly he is going to need a lot of friends to keep him company on the cheese platter - a red one ( red Leicester) - and white one to match the camemberts, and a mouldy blue and white one to hide in the jar of Stilton.

IsDihara said...

Ha, ha, I love your ideas, Maureen! A moldy blue and white one named Stilton (He would be exceptionally brave, of course, and yell "Geronimo!" When he dashed about swiping the cheese.)

Corina said...

great mouse!

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Happy Beaks
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