13 August 2016

A bauble

As I mentioned yesterday I found another EZ-Bob with Yarnplayer's HDT on so that had to be used!!!! I decided that if I used a plain thread for the ribs then I'd probably have enough for a bauble. 

When I got halfway through this one I decided to make rings using the chain thread.  The rings give the design a sort of 'skirt'.  It's very hard to take photos of these baubles so I apologise for the pictures. 

Anyway, the adventure didn't stop there as I ran out of thread on the chain shuttle but still had plenty left on the shuttle shuttle (core thread). I wound some off that and onto the chain shuttle and, using a knotless join, continued on my merry way. I'm really pleased with this little guy and it would've made a lovely earring - IF I'd written down the stitch counts!!!!

Oh, I still had enough left to make another SCMR butterfly.


God's Kid said...

Cute bauble!! :)

Bernice said...

Lovely and unique. I've yet to master a bauble, but if BC3 can do it then so can I, but not today, there are other projects waiting for my attention.

tattrldy said...

Cute. I like the skirt :-)

Madtatter80 said...

You know if you had gone around a little bead at the top it would look like a tatting fairy and you could have a necklace, Okay she might need arms :)

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