9 August 2016

Playing hearts

Did you miss me yesterday? I missed me!!! I'll tell you what the problem is - confession time!!!

I'm in the doldrums. I've got another Fandango square started but that's strictly for traveling with. I tat in the airports - not on the plane - so I'm not 'allowing' myself to do anymore of that. I have the latest one to finish but that will be shown soon.

Over the weekend I decided that I know BC3 pretty well now and his propensity of ignoring my statement that I don't need more threads!!!! I'm sure there will be thread at Tat Days so I thought that IF I was tempted I'd better have a look at my stock to see what I need or don't need. 

I then realised that I couldn't buy anymore thread as I don't have ANY spare EZ Bobs to wind HDT onto. So I reckon the answer is to empty some of those JUST IN CASE I was 'forced' to buy more HDT. That's what I'm doing at the moment.

As I've quite a few EZ Bobs with just a few yards on them I decided I'd empty them and make little things to give away as gifts or to give to people who make cards. Here are just three small Fandango hearts.


Jane McLellan said...

Good thinking! I also have a lot of bobs or cardboard cores with just a little thread on them. Just as in my kitchen I have bottles with just a little chutney or jam in them - they should also be emptied!

Maureen said...

You could always buy more Ez-Bobs........
and I've always rather liked the Doldrums -reminds me of a peaceful, warm bit of sea with no demands made upon me - it's nice just to allow yourself to drift sometimes. I wish BC3 a good holiday and look forward to seeing what emerges from your Doldrums.

occhitat said...

You're the best, Jane Eborall!
Jane McLellan, you're pretty cool, too!
I tat SCMR butterflies with my almost empties--give them to my grands' school mates when I go for lunch duty.

Madtatter80 said...

I know I feel lots of my shuttles are really thread holders it's shameful :(
Love the tatted doodads they are beautiful :)

God's Kid said...

Very pretty!! :)

Maureen said...

Madtatter, I used to feel like that too - but then I began to unwind my shuttles onto plastic bread clips - the thread's still there, I haven't thrown it away and now my shuttles are empty . ( I may be running out of space in the kitchen where I store the containers full of bread clips).

Crazy Mom! said...

Somehow I think that more HDT will come your way - look at who's coming to Tat Days!

Jane Eborall said...

I always wind thread back onto the ball unless it's less than a yard and a half!

Pigmini said...

Isn't Maureen lucky.... their bread still comes with the plastic 'tags'... nowadays ours has tape round it with the date on!!!... I keep 'running out of shuttles' too!!!

Anyway, I think that 'someone' should 'donate' that HDT to a Tatty OG in Yorkshire!!! VBG

Bernice said...

Love your hearts Jane, I too wind my thread back on to the ball, probably learned that from you. Love those EZbobs for HDT.

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