30 September 2016

A secret is revealed

Well, a really exciting secret honestly. Least I'm excited. 

As you know from yesterday's post I'm currently working on a Dora Young pattern which I was given a scan/photocopy of when I was in America. 

Now I'm a great, great believer in respecting copyright so my conscience has been pricking me ever since. The only reason I had a copy was to help another friend who had the book (not available to buy anymore) and who was having a bit of trouble understanding it. As 'they' say - two heads (or even three as another friend had the book too) are better than one!!!  I'm enthralled by this particular pattern and by others I saw in the book.

The book was published during my early days of tatting. I was born in 1943, started tatting in 1956 and the book was published in 1974. I can't think why I never got hold of a copy when it first came out but can only guess that at that age I was working my socks off and trying to raise my two lovely daughters. Also in those days the only way I could get the book would've been by putting dollars in an envelope and sending it off via surface mail to the USA. That's, of course, if I'd even heard of it!  Anyway, suffice to say, I don't have a copy although I've been haunting the web ever since my trip.

People have been asking me about the book and an intriguing comment was left on this post a few days ago. Since then I've tracked down the commenter and have been in touch. Thank you, Heidi. 

This is a link to her page where she mentions that she'll be re-printing Dora's book soon. Can't come soon enough for me. 

Heidi is the lass who wrote a great book on the American tatting shuttles more about that can found here. You really need to buy a copy of that book too - very interesting. 

So now the secret is out don't you DARE get in my way in the queue to buy the book. I'm FIRST!!!  REMEMBER THAT!!!!


Maureen said...

It's very exciting news - but I won't be climbing over you to get a copy because I already have one! Years ago someone advertised that they were selling a previously-undiscovered stash of them, and I crawled through all the hoops to get one.
So many of the classic books need to be reprinted, but sadly it probably won't happen in a lot of cases.I've actually amassed a pretty comprehensive library since I started collecting tatting books seriously in 2005. There are still too many gaps though, so I have enough book hunts to keep me happy for years to come.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have this book,too! I'll take the back seat - doesn't matter, as long as I got it! Hee..hee...

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I wonder what pattern you are working on.

linb54 said...

I need to get in that cue too! I would absolutely love a copy of Dora Young's book. Please keep us posted as to arrival date......TIA.

Linda B. in Virginia :D

Pigmini said...

Oops... Hope you've said because I have!! Rofl

Jane Eborall said...

It's pin-wheel motifs, joined, Sherry.

Bernice said...

Your secrets are so much more entertaining than mine. I don't have the book so......

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