7 September 2016


Pleased to announce that the suitcase arrived at Sandra's eight hours after it landed. 

We were beginning to wonder whether the contents were causing concern for customs but all is well!

The tatting bags, brooches and bracelets I've brought to sell at Tat Days are all fine too. I just hope I sell lots so I can afford to go home!!!!

We're off to Stone Mountain today and yesterday we went to the botanical gardens which were fanflippingtastic. Pictures below if I've inserted them properly!


Maureen said...

Sadly no pictures - maybe when you get home! I'm happy to hear that your luggage has caught up with you, now you can relax and enjoy the trip.

linb54 said...

Glad the goods has arrived! Sounds like you are having fun. See you soon.
Linda :)

God's Kid said...

Glad you got your suitcase!! :)
Have a wonderful time!!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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