7 September 2016

Up a mountain

Yesterday we went up Stone Mountain which is near Atlanta.  It is an amazing place.  A huge lump of granite rising out of the ground rather like Ayers Rock.

Very hot up at the top but spectacular views.  It was a bit hazy but you could just see Atlanta in the distance.  We did NOT walk to the top in case you were wondering!  We took the cable car up.

Later in the day we picked up Nine from the airport and she stayed with us at Sandra's overnight too.  We went to eat at the Flying Biscuit - one of my favourite places.  The biscuits are wonderful.

Today we're picking up Karey from the airport and are off to Toccoa where Tat Days fun begins.  Wifi there is pretty flakey and I'll be kept pretty busy so you may not hear much over the next few days.


Pigmini said...

Aha!! So we've found the secret biscuit muncher!! And there was me blaming Young Sir!!! Rofl

Enjoy and behave and we want a FULL report!!!

Crazy Mom! said...

I'm glad we were able to find the little tiny Russian lady named "Nine".


Madtatter80 said...

Oh wow Jane, I was there on Monday and I guess I will post some pictures too, we just missed each other and now I am back home in tennessee I got to almost meet you Wow!!!!!!!!!

Bernice said...

Sounds like a fun trip up the mountain. Glad your suitcase arrived.

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