23 September 2016

I'm BACK!!!

And my knickers too!!!! 

I arrived yesterday at 'silly o'clock' (half past six in the morning) on the red eye flight. The return journey wasn't without it's hiccups either. 

Joanie took me to Orlando airport in plenty of time and we took the 'ride and fly' bus to the terminal. A GREAT idea on her part. Once there I went to the checkin desk and the lady took my passport, scanned it and told me I was late for my flight. DOH. I was three hours EARLY. Then she said my flight was already delayed. She decided to do what she called 'some housework' and offered me the chance of an earlier flight which I took with great delight. It was leaving in an hour.

As you guys know - an hour isn't long to get from checkin to the gate via security and a train plus quite a walk and then boarding but I managed it. Must've been a funny sight - an old git wobbling in a running (sort of) manner through the departure lounge!!!

Good news is that the suitcase made it on the same plane too. Six (or more) hours in Newark listening to podcasts and tatting was reasonably pleasant. We hit speed bumps (some people call it turbulence) going through the jet stream but the journey was fine.

The photo is from the plane as we landed in Newark.


Maureen said...

It's always good to get home - glad you had such a wonderful trip, and I've been enjoying seeing all your photos.

Jane McLellan said...

Glad you and your suitcase are safely home. Looks like a wonderful trip!

Michelle said...

Glad you're safe and sound!

Bernice said...

Glad you made it home, now to plan next year's trip. I've heard western Canada is nice. ☺

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wow - I couldn't handle all that flying stuff - the 'missed' plane, delays, the 'running'! And certainly not the 'speed bumps'. I have flown (even to Hawaii) but am not comfortable - although I marvel at the miracle of it.

So glad you are back home (along with your suitcase!)and had a good time. Really appreciated all your posts, especially since you were so busy!

Pigmini said...

Pleased the knickers arrived home in one piece... at the same time too!! Now what goodies made it back to the UK???? Not that we're nosy.... Vbg

Madtatter80 said...

Well we came close but no cigar :) check out how close I should have left tatted bread crumbs:)

Sally Kerson said...

Well I reckon they found you a seat on one of the wings and you had a perfect opportunity to take photos! Glad your back safely

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm glad you made it home safely!

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