14 November 2016

Charity shop find

Two weeks ago I was in Alcester as I was going to Crafternoon. My trips to Alcester are a delight after a busy week. I always go early so that I have time to mooch around the town. This town is like Stratford used to be some forty years ago - full of small family businesses selling the sorts of things that the people want/need.  No big multiples - well, only Waitrose which is a small supermarket.

There's a greengrocers, a 'fifty pence' shop (that's what my parents used to call it), a chemists, a few estate agents, a bridal shop, coffee/tea shops, a 'vintage' shop and a few charity shops. It's mainly the charity shops that I visit.

I found this necklace in one of the charity shops. I see lots of necklaces with rings in them but most of them have 'gaps' in the rings and are rather 'bendy'. This one hasn't got any gaps and isn't bendy in any way. So, what will I do with it? You'll have to wait and see, won't you?


Maureen said...

It all sound delightful - olde worlde, refined and genteel! - and I have no idea what you are going to do with all those rings, they're a bit small for snowflakes aren't they - you must have Had a Plan.

Jane McLellan said...

Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be more interesting than its current appearance!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes buy things that look like they'd work well with tatting, only to find that I don't have a clue what to DO with it once I've bought the thing(s). Can hardly wait to see what YOU do with that necklace. I'm betting you take it apart and use bits of it....but we'll see when you show us, won't we?

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Happy Beaks
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