13 February 2017

Another new crochet project

I'm going to 'name and shame' Pigmini here. She got me into this fine mess!!!! 

Sue told me about Mochila bags and of course my nosiness got the better of me so I had to go and look.  There are quite a few links on Google to help you with more research and there's a great group on Facebook who have been very helpful - along with Pigmini too.

The technique is tapestry crochet and involves 'just' the double crochet (or single if you're American). Easy you'd think but it isn't!!! The number of times I started and pulled it out just to 'get' the base done was beyond a joke!!! 

Before I could start I had to choose some yarn. It can only be a cotton yarn as others just don't work. You can see my collection in the top picture. The other three pictures are from one of my many 'bad starts' and all got pulled out so I could start again. I can be so stubborn over learning new skills. Thankfully the Facebook group are really helpful and in their files section are some useful links and some terrific videos.


Pigmini said...

Blame me why don't you!! VBG I'm as bad! Got half way up the bag and had to pull it out because of mastikes! I love your colours!! Now I'm going to have to blog as well!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ha! I tried tapestry crochet several years ago using size 10 crochet cotton. I still have the started piece around here somewhere. I didn't mind the process, but it sure made my hands hurt.

God's Kid said...

I can't wait to see the finished project!! :)

muskaan said...

My friend, the other Jane ( ;-P ) first told me about tapestry crochet and shared an awesome link to wayuu bags. I do have a project in mind, but tatting has bound me too tightly !
Love your colours . Did both you Janes synchronise your posts ?!

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