17 February 2017

Just to whet your appetite!

Here are pictures of two of the patterns I've submitted to the Fringe for their Tat Days in September. The first one is worked on a button and the one at the bottom (also on a button) is somewhat based on a technique that I found in the Dora Young book. 

I've put them onto pins and even I have to admit they're pretty stunning.  

I'm going to make some more to sell too as I LOVE making them!!!!

Actually (a bit of self analysis coming up) I don't care about selling things too much except that the finished items tend to add to the household storage system (AKA clutter!!!).

The money does come in useful to put towards more thread, buttons, beads, shuttles etc etc but my real pleasure is in making.  There's rarely a day goes by when I'm not making something.  If I'm not making it's because I'm on going through some sort of personal problems.  


Jane McLellan said...

Lovely plump butterflies!

Jane Eborall said...

Ready for the pot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Love the bottom ones more - with wings like that, they look 'out of the norm'!!

Elizabeth said...

Those are so pretty. You always come up with something really good.

God's Kid said...

Awesome butterfly pins!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

What a great idea I just bought some of those pins :) they are lovely and pretty colors too!

Bernice said...

I do like those pins. I also love your passion for tatting, its wonderful to see and I am grateful that you share it and ignite my passion for tatting too! Thanks Jane.

Amritha S Prabhu said...

So lovely butterflies waiting for the pattern and yes lovely pins what type are they pins I mean. Have to find them

Jane Eborall said...

If you email me privately I can send you a picture and I can send you a link to where I bought them - off Ebay in England.

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Happy Beaks
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