27 February 2017

Mochila progress

Now you would think that using colours like these you'd automatically know which ones go where as you progress.   Well, most people would but I had to take out around 3  rows as some of the second (brown edged) diamonds were not brown but were green on the edges!!!  Least it was only 3 rows or so but boy, did BC3 get into trouble!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Boggles the mind!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I would have a difficult time keeping track of the colors. Your bag sure is looking pretty!

Pigmini said...

Never mind telling bc3 off! He was obviously in tatting mode not mochila mode!! Vbg mine is too!!!

God's Kid said...

Wow!!! That looks amazing!!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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