31 August 2017

Two more

First of all I have number 106 of the TIAS 2017 to show you.  Here's the link and thank you, Claire.

When I get going on something like the snowflake pattern I can always think of other things I can do with it.

I have been reading about people's problems with bugle beads and the fact that they do 'cut' the thread. Now this can, apparently, be down to the fact that cheap bugles aren't finished off as well as 'posh' (read - expensive) ones. I've rarely bought bugle beads so have no experience with the 'sorts' that are 'out there'. However I've only ever had one disaster with broken thread and that was on an occasion when I was trying to hurry things up and I wasn't taking enough care with adding the bead. 

I think, for me, that's how I manage to use them without breakage. I use a .4mm crochet hook to ease the bead onto the doubled thread. Sometimes I use  a needle (beading needle) and sewing thread but not often.

Today I'm showing you two snowflakes - one has a slightly larger bugle bead which I've given advice on at the end of the pattern and the other avoids bugles altogether and uses simply four beads.

Watch this space tomorrow for ANOTHER idea on how to avoid bugle beads!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

I like bugle beads but it's always good to have alternatives. I don't have a fine enough crochet hook so I use a beading needle and thread. I haven't had a problem with the thread being cut, but that may just be good luck.

Jane Eborall said...

I've only had one bugle cut my thread over the years so really don't understand why they do!!! I've got another alternative to show you all tomorrow and the one I prefer of all of them!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I haven't found my bugle beads yet, but I did manage to sort through quite a bit of stuff and reorganize in my sewing room yesterday... all because of your pretty little snowflake! I look forward to your next idea!

God's Kid said...

Both look fabulous to me!!! :)

Jane Eborall said...

So some good did come out of the design - a tidier room!!

Pigmini said...

Another alternative is slightly shorter bugles with an 11 or 15 bead at each end..

Pigmini said...

Oh and We'll Done Claire!! She's pretty!!

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