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8 November 2017

Coming shortly - Pop A Bobbin Shuttles

Sally managed to find the key to lock 'im in the garage in there for a week or two. Don't worry - he was fed and watered in the meantime.

I've got the following shuttles to go live towards the end of the week in my Etsy shop.  I've added a picture of my favourite one - the spalted beech.  The graining on these is truly magnificent and each one is different.

I am prepared to sell any of these privately if you want to do things that way!!!    I can only do this via Paypal and will give you a total (including postage) so you can send the money.  

1 EBONY (without hook) £22.50 
1 EBONY £22.50 
2 CHERRY £18.00 
3 APPLE £18.00 
1 ROSEWOOD £18.00 


TAT19540 said...

You must be physic I was just wondering about them! I’ll email you.😈

Sewicked said...

:grabby hands:

Unknown said...

I would really like one. A black walnut would be nice. Should I wait for you to post on Etsy?

Jane Eborall said...

Angel - I've put a black walnut by for you. Can you email me. My address on this blog - probably in my profile!!!!

Tim Kaylor said...

Jane, what is the Etsy shop address? Could you put a link on the home page here?

Jane Eborall said...

Tim, it's on there if you click on the 'to my Etsy shop' bit!! Here's the link for you, though.

Unknown said...

I clicked the email link but it didn’t give the full email address and so the email wouldn’t go through. My email is

Jane Eborall said...

Angel - I'll email you straightaway and then go and check the link!!!! Sorry about that.

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