10 November 2017

Notes on HWT and reminiscing

I love this one. I MAY have to keep it. I did find that it worked out slightly smaller than the others but I knew it would. Sadly the picture doesn't do it justice as it's truly BRIGHT!!!!

One of the 'knacks' of doing HWT is feeling the thread between the fingers. After 60 years of tatting my digits sort of have a 'sixth sense' on the thickness of a size 20 thread!!!! One could say I must've been 'born to tat'!!!! 

Joking apart - there is a feel to threads so when doing HWT it's a good idea to get used to that feel. I thought this one would work out smaller as when I put two strands of the variegated and one of the plain together they didn't 'quite' feel right. BUT as they're both slippery polyesters I wasn't about to add another strand to the equation!!!!! The variegated is thinner than the others you've seen.

Just one note on this - the plain orange is neon and 'right in your face'. This was a legacy that Gina Brummet's daughter gave to the Palmetto tatters.  I was at the guild meeting a week after Tat Days few years ago when a bag of Gina's threads were offered around. It tickled me to choose the neons that were in there as I just KNEW that Gina would know exactly who would choose them and would smile.


Michelle said...

Nice to remember Gina...
I would love to know more about how you go about hand winding thread. It strikes me as a potential large and frustrating-twists-on-itself mess. But I love the subtle variegation that we can see in your tatting.

God's Kid said...

Looks awesome!! :)

Sewicked said...

What does 'HWT' mean? I know HDT, but HWT is new to me. Is it 'hand wrapped thread'?

Tim Kaylor said...

Wish I had been at that meeting. Would liked to have tried some of that thread.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lovely color combo! I would prefer blues of course. :-)

Jane Eborall said...

Sewicked - HWT is my acronym for Hand Wound Threads!!! Deliberately to sound a bit like HDT as it gives sort of the same effect but with subtler changes in colours. Bit like Karey's threads.
Michelle - it's actually very easy to wind HWT especially onto a bobbin shuttle. It's a matter of holding both (or more!) threads firmly between the fingers as they're wound onto the bobbin. Give yourself a treat and try a yard or so!!!! You'll be surprised how easy it is. Honestly.

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