9 January 2018

Further progress

Eight stars done now and I can't get the whole piece onto the scanner so you'll just have to imagine it until I get my act together and take a photo of it. 

I'm actually on the next 'level' or round if you can imagine it. The green one seems to have become the centre motif!!!  I'm still enjoying the sheer relaxation of doing something that requires little input from BC3!!! 

I'm going to have to put this aside for a while as Sally has been nagging me (nicely I might add) about re-writing this little pattern as she says she can't understand it. I completely understand as I know I struggled to try and make it make sense in the first place (and obviously failed)!!!!  As you know I do tend to re-visit my older patterns to see if I can do anything to make them easier to understand.


Maureen said...

The link doesn't work for me- I just get a black screen. Which pattern is it?

Jane Eborall said...

It’s the little trug or oval basket in the basket section, Maureen. Just tested the link and it works for me!

God's Kid said...

That is so totally awesome!!!! :)
You tend to make it all look easy!

Madtatter80 said...

Sometimes I get a black screen, but its just my computer being slow and give it time it will show up.the stars are beautiful and sweet🍦💜🍭

Jane McLellan said...

Link worked for me too. You have a galaxy already!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Still am amazed you tat the stars to 'relax'. Really cute basket. I like the other one you designed, too.

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Happy Beaks
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