12 January 2018

The leftovers!!!

After knitting the one dishcloth there was enough yarn leftover to make another but I decided to do a crochet one this time. 

Not very happy with this (again it's scruffy as it was 'stolen' off me straightaway).  

It's a bit in the wonky 'zone'. Still it does it's job and the head chef is happy with it. I think I'll stick to tatting or crochet for now!!!


Helen said...

Still, it's lovely anyway.

God's Kid said...

Looks good to me!! :)

Bernice said...

What an interesting pattern, well done.

Pigmini said...

Hmmm... so 2 from a ball... methinks that's a better idea to carry in a handbag full of tea!! Soak it up!! Vbg (long story...)

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Happy Beaks
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