17 May 2018


I'd nearly forgotten to show you this!!!  I know you've seen two before but I keep going off on another tangent to play with something else that's new!!!

It's the new design I'm working on - when I remember!!! I'm a bit of a ditz when it comes to actually finishing off things and this pattern seems to be 'one of those' that I have a tendency to forget!!!! 

Maybe my next project should be to design a BC4 as I think I need more help with just getting things finished rather than flipperty jibberting from one idea to the next!!!!


craftie sylvie said...

It is so pretty in those bright colours! Love it :))))

Elizabeth said...

I was looking for that. Nice pattern. I will give it a go whenever you are finished with the pattern. Thank you.

God's Kid said...

It's fabulous!!! :)

Alka Gudadhe said...

I like that 6 wings of star very much which are in two colours continuously. Looks very nice.

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Happy Beaks
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