13 June 2018

More coasters

These were finished before I was 'struck down' and I've just found the pictures on my phone!!!

Sadly I no longer 'own' them as a neighbour fell for them and insisted on buying the set of four off me. Bless her as that's an incentive to carry on. I no longer have enough of this cat fabric left to make more BUT I do have some scraps which I'm considering using for another project!!!

Being a 'war baby' (born towards the end in 1943) I never throw anything away and all the offcuts get used until the 'bitter end'. Remember the tatting bag I made?!?!?!? Here's the link to the small amount I finally had leftover!


Madtatter80 said...

Cats make the best decorations

God's Kid said...

Wonderful coasters!! :) That is fabulous that they are loved right away!!

Elizabeth said...

Those are so cute I can see why she had to have them.

Jane McLellan said...

Such fun, no wonder they were snapped up.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I just realized these are pieced together, and then remembered that you started making coasters with paper piecing and got 'hooked' on it. What I'm curious about is if there is some filling in these which would also make them 'mug mats' for hot drinks.

You have a knack for finding cute cat fabric! Did you ever own a cat? I have never owned one but I've enjoyed 'babysitting' a few!

Jane Eborall said...

No filling in them, Kathy and I don't think it's really needed. The fabric is 5 layers thick because of the way they're constructed so is pretty good anyway.
We used to have a cat but she died a couple of years ago. The fabric was kindly given to me along with a lot of other cute prints.

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