4 July 2018

A trip to the ballet

I'm off to the ballet on Saturday. Not Sadlers Wells but a VERY important ballet. 

My ten year old granddaughter is taking part in her first performance and I'm really looking forward to it. 

So this was a good excuse to pull out the Katrina Ballerina pattern to see if it needed improving. Of course - it did!!!!

I also had to re-draw it too as it was done on a PC and not on a Mac. Darn!!! Still it's done and dusted now. I'll show you the other view tomorrow when I've sewn in the ends and pressed it!!!


Maureen said...

I made this for the first of my granddaughter's when she performed for the first time! And now the twins, also 10, are dancing, so Inwill definitely have to tat it again!

Tim Kaylor said...

Looks like she is en pointe!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

This pattern is adorable!! I made it for my daughter Katrina 11 Years ago and it is still on her wall. I will have to make it again and give it to my niece!!

God's Kid said...

Sweet ballerina!! :)

Lavi said...

Very pretty ballerina! She has an elegant bun too :) I'm sure your granddaughter will make you very proud with her performance!

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