5 July 2018

The ballerina - again!!

Well here she is!!! The 'other' ballerina. 

I'm hoping to make a few more so Abbi can give them to her friends if she wants to. She has one special friend that goes to ballet classes too so I'm hoping Ava will be 'allowed' to have one or two. 

Better get back to making more!!!  Time is running out.  I made a couple a few days ago but they've gone AWOL!!!!  Oh, to be a tidy tatter!!!  Where DO things hide?


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I will be making these adorable ballerinas again!!❤❤

Jane McLellan said...

You'll have a whole troupe! Sweet ballerinas and I like the idea of giving Abbi some to give away.

Ninetta said...

She's lovely!

God's Kid said...

So cute!! :)

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