19 July 2018


Now why on EARTH did I put them there? I give up on how my brain works (or in this case - doesn't). 

I found the bookmarks. Where were they? They were in one of my boxes of finished tatting. I've no idea how they got put there but I know I must've put them in the box!!!  There are several quite large boxes around the house which have finished tatting in.  Over the years I've not known what to do with stuff so it's just got put in boxes.  One day somebody is going to have to either throw it away or do something with it.  I'd love to get rid of the stuff now but it's all too much bother as I'd rather be making more!!!

Anyway, here they are in all their glory and waiting to be packaged and logged in my 'selling book'. 

I'll make a few more soon so I've got a 'round dozen'.


Jane McLellan said...

Oh good, glad you found them in their ‘safe place’. It’s a really nice pattern, and a collection of them in different colours is splendid.

God's Kid said...

Those are all fabulous and very pretty bookmarks!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

fun to think you have handful of these lovely bookmarks!

Tim Kaylor said...

Those will sell fast. Pretty!

Alka Gudadhe said...

Lovely bookmarks. Thanks God that you found them.

Unknown said...

I am glad you found them. I am in the slow process of attaching tatting motifs and small items made by my Grandfather, Mother and myself to a crazy quilt I am making.

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Happy Beaks
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