9 July 2018

More ballerinas +

Three more ballerinas also went to my granddaughter on Saturday.

The performance was actually amazing in that it covered ballerinas (and other types of dancers) from three counties. The show was slick and extremely well choreographed with the most amazing costumes. 

A lovely day out with my daughter too as we managed to find some good charity shops. Two new dresses were bought but sadly they were too small for me. They fit Abbi a treat, though!!!! I really should look at labels first as they did say '10 to 11 year old' on them!!!!

Oh, I've treated you to a picture of the real ballerina today too!!!


Maureen said...

Thread ballerinas, and the real one, are beautiful!

Tim Kaylor said...

Quite a treat. I hear red and black are popular in Japan these days. Something in the culture. I wonder if it has spilled over. Oh, well, she looks ready to dance! On with the performance.
Ant the thread ones are nice too.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

All the ballerinas are precious!! Your granddaughter is a pretty little lady!

Jane McLellan said...

Glad the concert went well. Love the way the ballerinas are in different poses.

God's Kid said...

Outstanding ballerinas!! Especially the bottom picture!!! :)

Crazy Mom! said...

Abbi looks lovely!!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wonderful post!

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