13 July 2018

Starry button snowflakes

Now following on from yesterday's post (I'm too lazy to put a link in here so you're just gonna have to scroll down a little bit) I thought I'd try out this 'new' technique on one of my favourite patterns. 

Why a favourite? Well it includes buttons and beads which sit ON TOP of the button (as well as elsewhere). If I had a pound for every pair of starry button earrings I've made I'd be rich and be able to retire from tatting. Well, tatting is (to me) a full time occupation even if I don't get paid anything for it except through advertising links on this blog which pay for the web site - hint, hint to click, click!!!

Anyway, I'm digressing as usual - old gits tend to do that!!!! What I wanted to try this time is how yesterday's join affected adding the buttons. Well it does and it's a definite improvement as it 'sits' the ring firmly at the side of the button.  Below is a pair of Starry Button Earrings.


Jane McLellan said...

I recall a lot of wiggling to get the ring in the right place, I'll have to try your new method.

God's Kid said...

Beautiful earrings!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

Love these, they are always a favorite!

craftie sylvie said...

Perfect project to try the method you shared yesterday! Now I know what my next tatting project will be ;)

Karen said...

You amaze me. You think through a process and explain it clearly and have clear instructions. And you offer it free. I go to your instructions to learn or refresh a technique. Thank you for sharing. This makes sense to me and I have to actually do it soon to learn it.

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