25 September 2018

A leaf!!

Just a little leaf.

I suddenly had the brainwave to make a leaf (maybe two) to go with the bells which you saw on Friday just here.

Now when I was in Canada the year that Judith Connors was at the Fringe too, I had the very great pleasure of spending time with her at Terry's house. One of the pieces that Judith had made and brought with her was her Tischband leaves (pattern by Ruth Scharf). To say that Judith's tatting was exquisite would be an understatement. She'd done hers in black which must've been a nightmare as black thread just ain't easy to work with. Since then I've been wanting to have a 'go' myself at the leaves. 

I asked Mr Google for help and he came up with Umi & Tsuru's blog where Ruth had kindly given her permission to share the pattern. I remember seeing the blog posts when they were first published in 2012 but was not in the right frame of mind back then!!!! Thanks to Judith and the need to make something to go with the bells the opportunity arose last week!!!


Maureen said...

Those leaves also featured in the most stunning butterfly somebody entered in our Challenge recently, they're very effective. I like the colour you've used, it will be perfect for the bells.

Tim Kaylor said...

Nicely done. The colors are so appropriate for this time of year.

God's Kid said...

Great leaf!! :)

Pigmini said...

Oi... you're adding more bits to my Roundtoit pages!! At this rate I'll have to become a highlander!! Lol

They do look pretty tho!

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