1 October 2018

Oh dear, oh dear

I succumbed to temptation yet AGAIN.

On Friday Sue and I went off to Birmingham again. This time we went (almost) straight to Barry's Fabrics which is the place where I got my material for my two new tops - here and here.

Fatal. Totally fatal. Well I thought it was a good idea to get another length for another top which will then be enough for my winter wardrobe. I'm hopeless at clothes shopping as Sally will tell you but I'm pretty OK when it comes to fabric. I suppose that's because I always used to make all the family clothes. That plus working full-time too and baking my own bread as well. How did I do all that?

Anyway, I was torn between two or three colour ways of the lovely cotton that I bought last time and in the end just came away with the piece you see below. Now to cut it out and get it sewn up!!!

Oh, the other pictures are of our lunch.  Sue takes me to ALL the best places in town.  This time we went to the rag market cafe where Sue had a bacon sandwich and I had a cheese and egg (doesn't that sound disgusting) one?  Mine was absolutely yuummmmmmyyyyy.  Had to have something easy to eat as I'd lost half a tooth the day before!!!


Maureen said...

I agree about clothes shopping, I treat it as a necessary event two or three times a year. Yes, cheese and egg doesn't sound delectable at all! and your new fabric is a lovely colour. I used to sew a lot too, when my children were small, but then I had a very expensive failure and gave it up. Moment.of utter madness a year or two ago when I suddenly had the urge to sew Christmas dresses for the smaller grandchildren, As soon as I had started I remembered why I don't sew anymore. But I ploughed ahead and made seven of them. Never ever again.

Jane McLellan said...

Oooh, how could you not succumb to that blue fabric?

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lovely blue fabric! If I could find a pattern I really like, I would also sew some new tops. I get very frustrated by patterns that don't fit, and I have no clue as to how to alter them.

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