11 January 2019

Coriolis moving on apace

Introducing you to the next round of this adventure with the Coriolis!!!

I got this far with this design once before and then I fell out with the colours I was using!!! This happens to me all the time - does it happen to you too? I either get bored with the selection I made or I just find they don’t work.

Anyway I carried on as this is a simple project to carry with me to craft gatherings and I've learned the pattern pretty well now!!!

My next problem is going to be what colours do I use next!!! Yes, I'm going to put another round on. 

I think I need to return to something like the central motif but I don't want to/can’t use the same colours as I've no idea which balls of thread I used!!! Yes, I'm that stooooopid!!!!


Maureen said...

It's really stunning, but it amuses me to read that you have just about memorised the pattern - because it's your own design! ��

Jane Eborall said...

It's true, Maureen!! There are lots of changes of direction and stitch counts progressing out of each 'arm' and when you're sitting around talking it can be a bit of a problem keeping an old brain on track!!!!

Pigmini said...

Maybe a colour that 'tones' with the middle?? Jus' my thoughts anyway!!

Jane McLellan said...

Dancing, dancing!

God's Kid said...

Wow!!! It looks like it's spinning!! :) Great design!!! :)

Marilee Rockley said...

So much energy in that design! Wow!

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