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8 January 2019

Now for some tweaking!

Still strange colours for a llama but heck, what else would you use this colour for?!?!

An improvement on the ears and I don't think the butt looks so bad now but there'll be another test tat in proper llama colours next. 

I'm getting the pattern together slowly too. I think this is one of the fastest designs I've ever done - only a few samples rather than the 12 or so it usually takes. 

Perhaps I'll one day become a proper tatting designer rather than a 'hit and miss' designer. One can always dream.


Jane McLellan said...

I like yesterday's ears! Mostly I'm impressed by how llama-ery the face is.

Jane Eborall said...

That’s funny, Jane!!! I’ll listen to your comments with my llama-y ears!!! It’s always the smallest details that are the hardest to ‘get right’!!!!

Unknown said...

I too think yesterday's sample looks more like a llama.

God's Kid said...

It looks great!! :)

craftie sylvie said...

I missed yesterday's post so I got both versions at one! THANK YOU!!!!! I love llamas - and even more alpacas but I think this could be an alpaca too - they are so cute!
BTW, I think yesterday's ear was great :)

LibraryLady said...

They are both llama-y to me. Great addition to your zoo, Jane!!


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