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16 January 2019

Snail without beads

Well this little guy has been waiting to be blogged since probably November!!! I'm currently working on submissions to apply for a teaching 'job' this year and he's one of the 'probabilities'. 

He's been on the web site forever but I wanted to see how he looked with new and improved feelers and no beads!!!

Well here he is in all his glory!!!! Well, perhaps 'glory' is the wrong word and the right one should be slime!!!! 


Maureen said...

Believe it or not, I have fond memories of snails and their demise in round cigarette tins in the gardens of my childhood! I used to be allowed to help the gardener collect them in the very early mornings.
Couldn't do it now, and strangely enough there are no snails in this little patch of green I currently inhabit! And until I saw your snail just now, that hadn't ever occurred to me.

Bev said...

Jane, I know you will say I’m daft, but the way you can capture the essence of all sorts of creatures is amaaaazing!!!

God's Kid said...

Great snail!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Yes, I agree with Bev.

Martha said...

A bead on the end of a twisted picot? So cool!

Alexandrite Woman said...

This is beautiful!

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