22 February 2019

Another round done.

Yes, another round of the Coriolis mat is done. 

I'm really surprised at how quickly this motif can be done!!! Also the fact that I am still enjoying it too!! I reckon I'm going to 'have' to do another round so I can start to get fed up with it!!! I really, really have to get fed up with it as if I don't I can see me starting another new doily or whatever you want to call it.

Yes, sadly that's how BC3 works. 

I take this and the Fandango coaster projects with me to craft groups and I can do the two of them while talking. Last Thursday I took my 'teaching kit' with me to the Stratford library group as Shirley wanted to learn to tat. I'm pleased to say she caught on pretty quickly so I'm hoping to make more progress with her this week.


Bev said...

Wow Jane! It’s looking spectacular! What colour-way will you do next I wonder.

Jane McLellan said...

Look forward to the next round! It has a wonderful whirligig feel.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Wow! That is gorgeous!

God's Kid said...

Oh wow!!! That looks totally amazing!!!!!!! :)

Pigmini said...

Ok! You're setting me off again!! I'm wandering off fingers in ears singing... must finish that monster Doily!!

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Happy Beaks
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