8 March 2019

Another flower!

Now this flower is off to France. Actually by the time you read this it may already have arrived!!! Again I used the pattern I made on Monday but this time BC3 actually managed to remember to do the join to the button PROPERLY!!! 

I do hope Gaelle likes it. I don't often take part in exchanges as I never think my work is up to scratch but I am quite pleased with this one.

I’ve used my new method of anchoring the beaded picot to the edge of the button which makes a more ‘positive’ and ‘anchoring’ join.  Not sure why it works but it really does - promise.  This is the original way of doing it but the threads do tend to ‘slip’ up onto the button.  This is the new way I devised which seems to lock the tatting firmly to the edge.  


Jane McLellan said...

I’m certain Gaelle will like it!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Wonderful! I will have to give your anchoring method a try!

Elizabeth said...

Love the flower. Gaelle will certainly like it. Your work is always up to scratch. Wish mine was.

craftie sylvie said...

Lucky Gaelle! I really like this motif, very pretty :)

occhitat said...

Jane, gorgeous and very clever!!!
Katie V in NC

God's Kid said...

Very pretty flower!! :) It just brightened my day!!

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