21 June 2019

Blue t-shirt

Now for another boring and hardly worn t-shirt of roughly the same age as the brown one. 

This time I decided to go for 'freedom' tatting!!! 

Well it took four shuttles (yellow, green, pale blue variegated and 'another' variegated thread) to make this.

All beginning ends were hidden in the starting flower at the top and the finishing ones in the last part. I only had one end to sew in!!!! 

All I did here is 'play' with daisy picot rings and split chains to return from the 'branched' flowers back to the main stem. 

This was terrific fun and was done solely for the blue t-shirt. The original t-shirt is at the bottom of the page.


Tim Kaylor said...

That is a really pretty motif to decorate a shirt with. Looks wonderful.

Mary Anne said...

Very pretty.

Jane McLellan said...

Well, that's certainly an improvement! It does look like fun to tat.

God's Kid said...

That is awesome!!!! :)

Ladytats said...

Awesome! that type of tatting is fun. I haven't done any for some time. Encapsulation can make for a lot of fun

Karen said...

I like. I like. Very creative.

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