15 November 2019

A new scarf

For my birthday in October my dear Joanie gave me this scarf. 

It's very long (BRILLIANT) and she gave it to me when I was staying with her in Florida back in September. Not the sort of place you need a scarf very often I should think!!!

Well it's gone REALLY cold lately so I got it out and put it on. It's very light and has lots of holes which trap the air and I must tell you - it's the WARMEST scarf I've ever owned. It's wonderful that it's so long as it goes round the aged neck a couple or more times (doubled) and it sits snuggly in the neck of my coat too.

Now I have a pair of gloves that are blue but I don't have a hat to go with it so you can guess what my next task is going to be, can't you?!?!


Maureen said...

It looks lovely and squishy! I wear scarves all the time, every day of my life- but they aren't woollen ones! Maybe you will be able to find similar yarn for your hat.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It does look like a lovely, squishy scarf!

Bev said...

Will it be the knitting needles or a crochet hook being put to use?

Ladytats said...

A warm scarf is a must in chilly weather. That one looks pretty

Jane Eborall said...

Most definitely knitting, Bev!!!!

God's Kid said...

It's such a pretty scarf!!! :) Love the colors!!

Tim Kaylor said...

Knit boots!

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