21 November 2019

Hat part 2 - finished

Well here’s the finished hat!!!

The photo makes it look quite elongated but I assure you it’s ‘just right’ and I don’t have an elongated head to put in it!!!

It’s not been ‘road tested’ yet as the weather has been a little warmer and I haven’t been able to do my usual long walk as the river has completely stolen my path. It’ll take a week or more for it to become passable again, I think.

I thought about putting a bobble on the top of the hat but haven’t done so - yet!!! I may or I may not!


Pigmini said...

If it needs a good home.... I can suggest where to send it!!

Weather will improve now!!

Jane McLellan said...

Bit of tatting perhaps?

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Hmmm... I could use a new hat, and I have plenty of yarn around. Socks or a hat next? Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful hat! Your knitting went so FAST - just a couple days - or so it seemed - and it was already FINISHED. I hope you enjoy the hat and scarf when it gets chilly outside.

God's Kid said...

It's a great hat and I like the color!!! :) You could sew a piece or two of tatting on it somewhere. ;)

Tim Kaylor said...

I like that one. Nice color too! Will be handy this winter. Now knit the boots! (You wear them indoors only).

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